The installation is a poetic examination of certainty, and the human desire for it. Imagery floats outside of the audience’s grasp, but tantalisingly close – with the water itself acting as a reminder of the constance of complexity and the desperate human search for knowledge and possession of the world. When the audience release themselves of this desire, it gives way to an embrace of the unknown; given the times we are living through, this reminder is more pressing than ever.

Multi-Material  Installation

YING | 影

This is a pool placed on the ground with five sensorable arm devices. When no one approaches to watch, the water remains calm. When a spectator approaches, the arms of the installation close to the spectator begin to sway, stirring up waves of water. The waves obstruct the viewer’s ability to see the text in the water, as well as destroying the reflections on the wall. The spectator needs to remain still in place for a while before the water slowly calms down and the text is once again visible in the water and on the wall.