Voice & violence

This project is based on the research about cyber bullying. In this project, I made a screen interactive installation. You can communicate with the machine, which invites you to comment on something, and by analysing your words, the machine will give you “positive” or “negative” feedback on your expression. I want the audience to experience the power of their own words and to know that they are capable of making an impact on others.

screen interaction

This piece was inspired by a true event. There was a tragic bus crash in Chongqing, China, in 2018. Since this was a human-generated accident, the incident generated a huge reaction on social networks. It is noteworthy that the attitudes of the netizens in the discussion of this incident have changed several times with the disclosure of the truth about the incident. It made me think about¬† how people’s perceptions and ideas are manipulated and influenced. At the same time, I look for the characteristics of cyber violence and how social networks contribute to this.