Random Universe

This project is a team project in collaboration with the V&A Museum in London, UK.
This project explores machine observations and feedback on human behaviours through machine learning, discussing whether machines can understand humans, and the narrated difference between machines and humans.

multimodal interactive;
machine learning 

mainly response for:
web interaction (P5js)
visual part design ( booklet)

This work is meant to express the difference between human narrative understanding and machine (Artificial Intelligence) understanding. When a human hears a descriptive sentence, the human can imagine the relevant scene, the order in which the story occurs, etc. But for now, AI is not doing that.

Viewer will be asked to describe their imaginary  of outer planets. The computer will use machine learning to draw a picture of a planet based on the words of the audience. Viewers can compare the vision of the planet they imagine in their minds with machine-generated images. Machine-generated images are often abstract, but the viewer can also expand their imagination through the elements in the picture.