This short film is based on my research into social movements and the role music plays in participation in such movements.


In this short film, I would like to elaborate on the way in which social movement organizations have grown. The entire short film can be divided into four stages, which are attraction, expansion, climax, and disintegration. At the very beginning individuals emerge; more and more people are drawn to participate; groups form large enough to have an impact on society; organizations begin to disperse, divergent dissent and eventually decline.

In the description of the sound, I use the same narrative to describe the growth of simple rhythms that combine to form complex and powerful melodies, but as the chaos increases, get out of control and become what is called noise. The final sound was done by Bohang Zhang.

A number of animations and clips of footage were used in the short film. For the animation part I used P5js, Cinema 4D, processing and some effects from After Effect. The clip footages in this video comes mainly from Videvo, Pexels, Mixkit and Cover, where you can find the original video and the author. In addition, this short film was inspired by Max Copper and Kevin McGloughlin’s work, Repetition.