This project is created when I was involved in the Young Visual Artists project at the London Barbican Art Centre with the performance ‘WANTED’ at the Picnic Art Festival in Shanghai.

generated image;
moving image;


This is an image project about repetition and growth that unfolds from individual self-examination and contemplates the meaning of life’s existence based on the intervention of artificial intelligence in image generation. When I use these selfies as a dataset, the algorithm generates a myriad of me, like me, and not like me. These generated people, still recognisable by the machine as jiawen. repetition, growth, ambiguity, difference, world, self, perception, data, and how do we locate ourselves?

‘575 original insta portraits’
Based on a personal photographic record I began in 2019, inspired by Tehching Hsieh’s One Year Performance 1980-1981 , the ‘Time Clock Piece’, I used self portraits to document the changes that have occurred since I arrived in London for my MA studies. Space and time are linear in these photos but fractured and compressed into a flat, complex connection.