Saviour of the city

This VR game is reflecting the situation that citizens living in urban city with rules, especially the invisible credit system.

Virtual Reality ;

Social credit is like a personal scorecard for each of China’s 1.4 billion citizens. Some people call it ‘digital dictatorship’. This system records and evaluates the behavior of citizens through smart identification systems and mobile payment systems. Everyone will have their own personal credit score and rating, which will affect some social activities of citizens.

You need to arrive at the destination within a limited time and complete the mission to rescue the city.  Participants’ brains and eyes are in a free world, but their bodies are required to be fixed in reality. 

The city in the VR world is like a tall labyrinth cage, the game narration will give you hints, you can follow such instructions or choose your own direction.  In the process of progress, you will encounter obstacles, breaking or not following the rules will also affect you. You need to think about whether to follow the so-called rules or follow your own principles.