Breathe with you

An air purification system for urban public spaces that integrates ” blossoms ” of different sizes and amounts to provide a soothing breathing and interactive experience for city residents.



This is a system of air purification devices in urban public spaces that purifies the air around people and brings relief with interaction. Each petal acts as a conduit for air in and out, with large composite filters behind the integrated air ducts.

These flowers could be in any place/wall and have real function while being common space installations.  I hope they will not be the only flower in the city.

This is a two-part system consisting of external ducts and internal air filtration units.

The external part consists of flat plates and cylinders that separate the inlet and outlet air passages. The back side of each petal is an air contact surface covered by a pre-filter, which draws in “dirty air” through an internal fan. The people-facing side of the petals releases fresh air. The transparent cylindrical connects the vents to the internal filter. There are two layers of ducts, the inner duct is a channel for the clean air and the “untreated air” passes through the middle area.

The internal filter, which is usually installed behind the wall face, consists of an activated carbon layer, a HEPA layer and fans. The activated carbon removes odours and volatile contaminants, while the HEPA layer filters out tiny solid particle contaminants, including PM2.5 and PM10. The filter unit is designed as a pivoting track for easy filter paper replacement and cleaning.

All the devices could interact with passengers through both light and rotate. I hope it will relief  people through an emotional way.